Things We Do

Personal Injury - Automobile Accidents, Dog Bites, Slip and Falls and other injury cases.  Having handled thousands of these cases we can very quickly give you a honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and if your case has merit can provide representation on a contingent fee or other fee basis.  

General Civil Litigation - Defamation, Interference with Business Relations, Business Disputes, Problems with Builders/Contractors, Problems with Governmental Regulations and Bureaucracies.  If it is a problem that requires a solution in the courts we can provide the assistance you need.   

Criminal Defense- Misdemeanors, DUI, Extreme DUI, Possession, Distribution and Transportation of Illegal Drugs, Assault, Robbery, Burglary, Domestic Violence, White Collar Crime  and other Serious Felonies.  Remember, " If you Don't Talk You Probably WIll Walk".  If you are confronted by law enforcement you need strong, experienced and capable legal service right now. 

Wills and Trusts- From simple wills for traditional families to arrangements for non-traditional families and couples including trusts, asset protection plans and special needs trusts. 

Probate - Probate of estates, including trust matters and representation in court for those who need to challenge a probate or trust proceeding. 

Family Law and Divorce - Child Custody, Separation, Divorce, Annulment, amiable and not so, we can be of assistance

Tax Lien Foreclosures - Court foreclosure proceedings and other assistance  related to real property tax liens

Corporations and LLC's- Simple formation, guidance on choice of entity, complex operating agreements, not for profit corporations, churches, schools, dissolution agreements, partnership agreements we can provide the advice you need and prepare the documents to protect your business interests.

Contracts - If you need to get it in writing, whether it be a pre-nuptial agreement, a real estate purchase, the resolution of a disagreement between neighbors, or what ever, we have the experience to advise you, put your needs into clear yet enforceable language and if necessary take your contract disputes to court.  

Real Estate - Agreements for purchase and sale, escrow service and closings, title searches, drafting easements, easement disputes, other real estate questions and issues.  

Entrepreneurship - Marc Mauseth and his wife Mary Hoffmann own and operate two retail clothing/jewelry stores in Tubac ( Mariah's)  With extensive entrepreneurial experience and living in Tubac since 1996 if you are considering opening a business in Tubac you would be well advised to utilize our firm's legal,local and business experience.

Court Coverage - For lawyers outside of Santa Cruz County who need coverage of hearings and appearances, advice on the local courts and other "local counsel" matters consider us.  With a wealth of legal and local experience we can provide what ever you need in this arena.  

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